Paris Hilton Discusses Dreadful 2010 Attack By Intruder At Knife Point


house-of-waxJust 3 years ago, Paris Hilton was very nearly murdered in her sleep. The philanthropist and globally famous celebrity was sleeping in her LA mansion with boyfriend at the time, Cy Waits, when she awoke to find a man by a downstairs window, (stalker Nathan Lee Parada), wielding several knives. For the first time since then, she has rehashed her ordeal with ‘The Sun‘, and has lifted the lid on why this incident has led to some drastic life changes.

She recalled the dramatic event in the interview: “It was terrifying. I had never experienced anything like that before and it really shook the foundations of my world. It was about 5am when I heard someone banging on my window. I went downstairs and saw a crazy guy outside with two huge kitchen knives in his hands. He looked like he wanted to kill me and he kept banging on the windows, demanding to be let in. I screamed. I was certain he was going to get through the windows or the door and then that would be it. I was certain he would kill me if he could get inside.”

“Luckily, my boyfriend heard the noise and came tearing down the stairs. He got his gun, went outside and put it to the man’s head. Cy forced him to the ground and held him there until the police arrived. If he had not acted so swiftly, I don’t think anyone would have got there in time to save me. Seeing someone with such hate in this eyes- someone who wants to kill you- makes you question things, and it made me wonder about the price of fame. There was so much chaos in my life at the time. After the attack I decided it was time to withdraw from the public eye before anything worse happened.”

“I’ve always been driven to accomplish something with my life for myself and not just take handouts from my family. It would have been easy to sit back and live off my family, but I wanted to be independent and make my family proud. Now I’m moving into the hotel business and it feels the natural next step. I’ve always been inspired by my grandfather and how he grew this huge empire from nothing. It’s something I look up to. People have never got to know the real Paris Hilton. They remember me for falling out of nightclubs and messing around on a reality show. But that was just a character I was playing. You should see me in a business meeting. I have changed a great deal in the past few years. I’m not some ditzy blonde who can get pushed around. I’m a tough businesswoman.”

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