David Beckham Announces Long Awaited Retirement From Football


france-socccer-beckham-psg.jpeg2-e1368718090592-1280x960David Beckham announced to the world on Thursday that he’d finally be hanging up those ‘golden boots’ (or should I say balls?!), and will be retiring from playing professional football. The football tycoon has played for some of the world’s greatest teams, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Los Angeles Galaxy, and his current club is Paris Saint-Germain.

It is the perfect time for him to retire from the sport considering that his team are currently celebrating a win. He made the admission during an interview with former teammate Gary Neville on ‘Sky Sports News‘: “Over the years when I’ve seen players retire, when you ask them they said ‘you’ll know when you’re ready’… I think I know when I’m ready. It’s difficult because I still think I can play at the top level … but I’ve always said to myself I want to go out on top.”

Supportive wife Victoria tweeted an old photo of them of the Maldives earlier today, and added: “Thank you for all your lovely messages, we are so proud of you David.” David‘s last game will be on Sunday 26th May.

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