‘Ugly Betty’ Actress America Ferrera Graduates College 10 Years On…


Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 21.57.33Former ‘Ugly Betty‘ actress America Ferrera graduated from US college ‘USC‘ (‘University of Southern California‘) on Friday, 10 years after beginning her studies; she was awarded the academic achievement for her study of ‘International Relations‘.

She joked on her Twitter page with a fan about going for a Master’s one day, and posted an image of her graduation gown, whilst thanking well-wishers for their interest in her big day: “GRADUATION DAY! Congrats to the worldwide class of 2013! Graduation selfie! Inspiring day at @USC! Thank you Jimmy Iovene for that ‘igniting’ speech! & @USCDornsife for all your support! Fight On! Thank you for all the love on Grad day! I feel overwhelmingly lucky 4 my education! If only every child had access to a great education! #imagine. Another day, another coast, another Graduation! Now I get to watch my best friend @tamara__hamdan, get her ‘MBA‘ from Columbia! So proud!”

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