Professor Green Cancels Gigs After Being Crushed By Car En Route To Show On Anniversary Of Stab Attack


Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 13.41.08Professor Green may be a ‘pro’ when it comes to making music, but not so much when it comes to avoiding personal injury… the rapper got seriously hurt yesterday after a road traffic accident. He was travelling to Hartpury College in Gloucestershire to perform at their end of year Summer Ball, when he was crushed between 2 different cars.

Alongside several hilarious shots of him with medics in an ambulance trying to treat him (and supplying him with plenty of gas!), he tweeted: “Won’t know until tomorrow if its surgery or not, so fucking depressed. No jokes left in me this could hinder and ruin so so much. If I’d have fallen when the car hit me I’d be dead. Would have been my head in between the cars. Nearly 4 years to the day I got stabbed and again a full moon, something about this time of year that brings me badness. All because an incompetent ‘DHL‘ driver dropping the car off didn’t put it in park or turn the engine off. Oh I left out the bit where he accidentally slammed his foot down on the accelerator.”

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 13.40.58And this morning, he updated concerned fans: “I really didn’t realise the severity when I was on the gas, was being a moron and doing nothing but making jokes, not anymore! My star sign, and it was a supermoon. I’m telling you it’s not a great time for me – next time I’m wrapping myself in cotton wool and staying at home. Massive apologies to Hartpury and Roehampton. . . fucking fuming I’m stuck in a shitty hospital instead of performing the new shit! I never got run over in Hartpury, I was leaving to collect the car we were driving up in when it happened. Nurses are so underrated. I always find it funny when artists have ego’s. what the fuck are you doing for anyone? Nurses don’t have egos and they spend their time actually helping people.”

Green‘s Nan has been trying to cheer him up with a gift of a bell, which he is clearly expecting fiance Millie Mackintosh to take note of. Following the incident the Chelsea– born beauty wrote on her account: “Think I’m going to have to get a nurse outfit and a bell… #dotingwifey. Waiting while he’s having an X-ray.. Everything is crossed!”

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