‘I Heart…’ Author Lindsey Kelk Tells Me Her Make-Up Must Haves In Q&A



It’s certainly not everyday that you are sent an email on your favourite topic from one of your favourite chick-lit authors- what a privilege! Lindsey Kelk, author of the brilliant ‘I Heart…’ series, offered on Twitter last week to do a little beauty Q&A with fans, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get her opinion on the products America has to offer.

A fellow Brit herself, she moved to New York a while ago, which she told me in her response made her very poor, but has provided her with the biggest excuse ever to go a little cray cray in the likes of ‘Sephora‘ (imagine ‘Boots‘ but full of just make up). That said, I’m pretty sure that she could be my sister- we have an oddly high amount of things in common, (wrestling obsession aside. Sorry!) So with that, I’ll get on with it and show you her message…


“I’ve been a beauty junkie for as long as I can remember. Many of my ‘My Little Ponies‘ suffered a Joker face makeover and my mum’s make up drawer was constantly under surveillance. Moving to the US was a disaster for my credit card, ‘Sephora‘ and ‘Duane Reade‘ are my downfall (I can’t go in ‘Duane Reade‘ without coming away with a new ‘Essie‘ polish) plus I live in Brooklyn which is full of amazing little boutiques that stock indie brands. I recently discovered ‘Shen Beauty‘ in Carroll Gardens and nearly decimated my savings account on ‘Ilia‘ and ‘RMS‘ prods. Nightmare. That said, I love a bargain. I have some really good friends up in Toronto and whenever I’m visiting, we go straight to ‘Shoppers Drugmart‘ and buy up all the ‘Quo‘ and ‘Essence‘ products. ‘Essence‘ is a super bargain brand that has a really great eyeliner for $2.99 and it’s called I Heart Punk! It’s MADE for me! I also love the ‘Revlon‘ lip butters and ‘Just Bitten‘ pencil stains.”


“Most of my favourite cheapo products are from the UK. ‘Boots 17 Blow Out‘ mascara is amazing and I’ve got loads of my New York friends hooked. I can’t get ‘Bourjois‘ in the US either, super sad. We don’t have the ‘Rimmel Apocolips‘ here yet either, thankfully I bought all of them last time I was in England. Oops. When I’m splurging, I love ‘Armani Luminous Silk Foundation‘ and the ‘YSL Glossy Stains‘, although the ‘L’Oreal‘ knock offs are pretty good. For eyeliner, I love the ‘NArs Carpates‘ liquid pen, topped off with ‘Estee Lauder Double Wear‘ pencil for long lasting impact. I do love a good black liner. Just lately I’ve been wearing more bright lips and neutral eyes but most of the time, I’m a smokey eyes gal and I live and die by my ‘Smashbox‘ and ‘Urban Decay‘ palettes. My newest obsession has been blush. I’m torn between my ‘Givenchy‘ jelly blush which is really subtle and tarte stain which is not. Always topped off with ‘MAC Strobe Cream.’ Always. I think I have a problem. ‘NArs Orgasm‘ is great, I have it in powder and creme stick. It is a sickness.” And with that, I think I’ve found my new best friend…


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