Beauty Review: My First ‘Nars’ Purchase: Blusher In ‘Orgasm’


Yesterday my first ‘Nars‘ purchase arrived from ‘ASOS.’ Delivery of the item was difficult enough as it was, with a very confused delivery man doing a tour of my uni halls on 2 occasions, but thankfully one of my flatmates caught him in the building today! Phew! And boy was it worth the hassle…

Nars‘ is a brand that many beauty junkies like myself rave about, and in author Lindsey Kelk‘s message to me earlier this week she raved about the product, and confessed to having 2 different versions. So I reluctantly parted with the cash, (£21.50 if you’re unfortunate enough to be unable to get a student discount), telling myself that it was an experiment!

Despite the sizing of the actual product, (‘Blush‘ in ‘Orgasm‘), being far smaller than I’d anticipated, it came in a classy monochrome-style packaging, and the compact features a handy mirror for ease of application. It’s a gorgeous coral colour, and under certain lights, there are visible specs of gold, giving your cheeks a summer-worthy glow. As if this isn’t enough to entice you, it lasts  for hours- I’ve just completed my nightly make up removal ritual at 1am, and it was still in place!

If, like me, you have quite oily skin, I would recommend wearing this beneath a layer of ‘MAC‘ ‘Blot Powder‘, which will help to seal and preserve the colour better. Alternatively you could purchase and branded translucent powder in order to gain a similar effect. Overall, I’m in love: worth every penny. (PS, I apologise for my eyebrows in the picture. I thought I’d left ‘The New Forest‘ behind, but it turns out I actually brought half it along with me to Cardiff…on my eyebrows. PPS: They’ll be seen to Monday I swear!)

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