Her Maj Pops By ‘Radio 1’ To Open BBC Broadcasting House


Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 19.22.47The Queen of England, or Her Maj/ Liz as I prefer to call her, popped by the ‘Radio 1‘ studios today to open the recently-renovated BBC Broadcasting House. The new centre will combines their national and international radio, television and online journalism all in one place.

Radio 1‘ newsreader Tulip Mazumdar revealed that a red carpet had been rolled out for the royal in anticipation of her arrival, and she greeted a number of the station’s DJs, and was less-than-thrilled by the ‘Live Lounge‘ set for ‘The Script,’ whom she applauded slightly for, if a little unenthusiastically! Tulip wrote on Twitter: “Radio 1 is about to pop… The Queen is Watching the script in the ‘Live Lounge‘! The red carpet’s out for the Queen‘s visit to Radio 1 (NB, I don’t know who person on right is. It is not the Queen.)” Performers of the hour ‘The Script‘ wrote on their official band page: “Just played for her Majesty The Queen of England. What an experience what an honour. #surrealmomentmuch?”

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