Kate Middleton Christens ‘Royal Princess’ Cruiser In Southampton


Duchess of Cambridge ship namingThe Duchess of Cambridge K-Mid christened a new cruise-liner yesterday in my fabulous little hometown, Southampton. She got all dolled-up in a £169Hobbs‘ dalmatian print dress for the occasion at the docks, and went through all the usual Royal formalities, cutting a big ribbon and smashing a champagne bottle against the ship. She has recently been named the vessel (aptly named Royal Princess)’s godmother, and it will embark on its first voyage to the Caribbean on June the 16th.

Her private helicopter caused a fuss with locals when it landed in Mayfield Park in the city, where she was then driven towards the world-famous docks, and home of the Titanic. One funny tweeter wrote online about her arrival: “Kate Middleton‘s in Southampton. Bit rude not to text me. #CheersKate.” This was her final Royal engagement before she begins maternity leave, and hangs up her hat for the foreseeable future.

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