Pro Green Fan Shits Self At Gig In Most Embarrassing Move Ever


pro-greenOne Professor Green fan must have either got a little over excited or thought his performance stank last night when she genuinely shat herself during his set. The rapper was performing at ‘Harper Adams‘ uni in Peterborough, and complained afterwards on Twitter about a rather unsavoury smell. He wrote:

“First gig since the leg incident, feels like shit but can’t wait to get on stage! #harperadamsuni. I’ve never done a gig where the smell of shit has invaded my nostrils like that before, and a girl actually shit themselves in Peterborough. Also why are there so many cunts at ‘Harpers‘? Never seen so many fights, not that anyone could punch their way out of a paper bag. Big up the girl in the (short) red dress on that blokes shoulders, if it wasn’t for his ears your vag would have been available for all to see. All that aside, much love to the nice people at ‘Harpers‘, fortunately there were more of you than the shit cu*ts.”

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