Steal Her Style: Katy Perry’s 2 Piece Bodycon Set At The ‘KCA’s



Katy Perry broke the usual dress-only unspoken rule at the ‘Kids Choice Awards‘ this year when she wore a bodycon 2 piece set by ‘Max Azria for Hervé Léger.’ Now, ‘Hervé Léger‘ is known for its bandage dresses that cost well into the thousands apiece, and can only really be worn by those with washboard flat stomachs, but she can certainly pull it off!

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 14.15.34
I adore the blue and neon yellow coloured geometric print on this piece, and was delighted this week when I found a High Street alternative. I stumbled across ‘Famous Frocks‘ when I was on ‘The Valleys‘ star Lateysha‘s Twitter page, as she has just purchased this very outfit, and was asking followers if she should wear it out. At just £99, it’s a fantastic alternative to the designer version, and it’s available in sizes 6-14. Gimme!

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