Demi Lovato Creates Charity Program In The Wake Of Her Father’s Death


Demi Levato Visits Elvis Duran Z100 Morning ShowSinger Demi Lovato is still grieving for her father at the moment, but has made the mature decision to turn his death into a more positive thing, by partnering with a charity foundation. She described her ideas for the ‘Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program‘ on Twitter, saying: “I believe that everything happens for a reason and I want some good to come out of my father’s passing… So I am launching the ‘Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program‘ to help pay for treatment expenses at Cast Recovery for someone who needs help. Tell me your story. Go to  and click on programs.”

The charity have written about her involvement on their own website: “Demi Lovato has partnered with CAST Recovery to create ‘The Lovato Treatment Scholarship‘ in honor of her Dad, Patrick Lovato, who passed away in part due to untreated mental health and addiction issues. Demi has battled these issues throughout her life, and she understands what’s at stake. At the same time, effective treatment is costly, and many can’t afford the care they need. ‘The Lovato Treatment Scholarship‘ will cover expenses for someone struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues, including the costs for one of CAST Recovery’s transitional living homes, as well as the clinical services provided at CAST’s outpatient program. Demi knows the CAST Recovery team well. She continues to work with them directly, and trusts that their programs offer some of the best services available. Demi and the CAST Recovery team wish they could help everyone, but unfortunately they can’t. And while the scholarship will only be able to help one person at a time, Demi will continue to speak out on these issues and lend their voice to those in need.”

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