Katy Perry To Play Escort Service Boss In Raunchy New Film Role


28847576-28847579-largeIn Hollywood, the pressure to obtain key film roles is obvious, and some handle rejection better than others. Yesterday passé actress Debi Mazar ignited a little bit of a Twitter feud by mocking globally-recognised singer Katy Perry for getting selected for a film role over her.

Whilst she’s performed in front of many millions of people in the last few years, Katy‘s never had a proper film acting role before, despite several previous television appearances, so this is a big deal for her. The bitchy actress wrote sarcastically: “I just found out that I lost a film role to… @KatyPerry I have no words. I wish @katyperry all the best. The role was an edgy woman who ran an escort service. It really could be anyone. I’m 20 years older! Different way to go.”

She may as well have just bitch slapped her with a bottle of sun tan lotion, as a fan pointed out on a forum, “the shade is so thick.” Another Gaga fan commented with the following in the same forum: “Maybe she’ll win an ‘Oscar‘ before a ‘Grammy‘.” Ouch! No words on the film’s producer/ director/ release date/ title yet. Yeah, we could be waiting a while for this one… In the meantime, this Debi chick needs to accept her eternal irrelevance, and can go back to riding off pal Madonna‘s fame. Meow.

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