Bernie Nolan Dies Of Cancer After 3 Year Battle


1001358_478784405542677_169671103_nBernie Nolan, former member of sibling-filled pop group ‘The Nolans‘, died earlier this week after losing a 3 year-long struggle against cancer. After originally thinking that she’d beaten the disease, she was informed late last year that it had returned with vengeance, and had spread from her breasts to the majority of her body.

In the months before her death, she created a bucket list of things she wanted to achieve before she died, and managed to complete a number, despite not being able to fulfill her wish to take her 14-year-old daughter Erin on one final family holiday to Venice and New York. Her family’s spokesperson confirmed the loss: “Bernie passed away peacefully with all of her family around her. Miss Nolan had been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. At the time, she announced she was suffering from the HER2+ type of breast cancer – one of the most resistant to chemotherapy.”

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