MTV ‘The Valleys’ Star Nicole Morris Has Her First Boob Job


nicole-morris-43Last month I was absolutely gutted to hear that ‘MTV‘ had decided not to renew Nicole Morris‘ contract for the 3rd series of hit Welsh reality TV show, ‘The Valleys.’ But now the feisty & fun girl has shown them exactly what they’ll be missing onscreen by getting her first plastic surgery- none other than a breast enlargement!

She’s documented her hospital stay and given details of the procedure, including a pic of her in her hospital gown, on Twitter: “On my way to Birmingham ready for my surgery ahhh so exited and nervous!!!! #boobiessss. On my way home from Birmingham can’t wait to get into my bed! Yay nearly home! @Krisbrown16 get ready to undress me lol. Just woke up, feeling tired but so happy, a big thank you to @elitesurgical1 for doing my surgery! Wow so much pain.”

The self-conscious star told ‘Reveal‘ magazine last October of her plans to increase her chest size from a 32B to a D cup: “I can’t wait for a boob job. I wont leave the house without a padded bra on. I’m so self-conscious that on a night out I wear two bras and chicken fillets. I’ll put on a bra with massive chicken fillets inside it, and then I’ll put on another bra over the top with more chicken fillets in.”

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