40- Year Old Peter Andre’s 23-Year Old Girlfriend Emily Is Pregnant


Peter-Andre-Emily-MacDonagh-holPeter Andre‘s 23-year-old girlfriend Emily MacDonagh is pregnant with their first child together. The surprise pregnancy’s announcement comes just a couple of weeks after her graduation from Bristol University, where she studied to be a doctor, and graduated with honours. Woopsie! Something tells me this little one wasn’t planned…

Whilst I’m happy for the reality star after such a difficult year for him following the death of his brother, I can’t help but feel that a 17-year age gap is more than a little ridiculous. That’s like me now having a baby with a man my Dad’s age. So wrong. However, the pair seem pretty happy about it themselves, and there’s no denying that he’s already a pretty marvelous Dad.

He spilled the beans in his latest ‘New!‘ magazine column: “We were going to keep this to ourselves a little bit longer, but as everyone’s been asking, I am very happy to tell you that Emily and I are having a baby, and we are over the moon. Emily will make a brilliant mum. I always wanted to have six because I’m one of six, but I reckon if I had another two I’d be happy.”

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