Amanda Bynes Sectioned After Accidentally Setting Dog & Self On Fire


Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 23.15.59Cray cray kiddo Amanda Bynes is currently undergoing a 72-hour observation period in a hospital after another demonstration of her mental breakdown. She’s been hospitalised for a mental evaluation under a California5010‘ hold, following an incident which saw her set fire to her trousers and dog by accident (I kid you not).

She was spotted on a stranger’s driveway with her trouser leg on fire. No biggie. Police at the scene said she started the fire herself with petrol, and one passer-by, Andrew Liverpool, described her as being laying down with a trail of fire and petrol down her leg. Her little dog was also doused in petrol, and she rushed into a shop in the ‘Thousand Oaks‘ district of the state in order to extinguish the flames with water. Others claim that she put a flaming cloth on top of a gas tank in an unsuccessful attempt to cause an explosion. I really hope not.

Whilst her parents Rick & Lynn are seeking a conservatorship deal which would mean they were legally in charge of her decisions, she is being held under the ‘5150‘, and will undergo a thorough mental heath evaluation by staff.

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