James Arthur’s Angry At ‘The Sun’…


realitytv_the_x_factor_0311_2Last year 90% of the nation’s female population appeared to fall in love with James Arthur on ‘The X Factor‘; he sold thousands of copies of his first single, a cover of Shontelle‘s track ‘Impossible‘, but now he’s hit out at critics that claim that the singer does not show gratitude towards the talent show which discovered him.

Earlier this evening, James began a lengthily Twitter rant about showbizness: “Something’s irritating me. I’ve done about 200 interviews in total over the last two months and in every single one of them I have said that I am so proud to come from ‘The X Factor‘ and I am so thankful to the both the writer of ‘Impossible‘ and the success the song has given me, not to mention the fans I have gained across the globe. And in one joke made during an interview with ‘The Sun‘ (ironically) who I attempted to build bridges with after the assassination of my character they have done.. I said: “I haven’t made an effing penny from impossible!” We then both laughed. Now of course I am BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS ME.”

“‘X Factor‘ took me from nothing to this place I’m in now where I have amazing support and get to travel the world with my music. Am I ungrateful for wanting an album of songs I have written? You just can’t win! Love as always to my beautiful fans. And apparently these comments are made by me on Jonathan Ross tonight. WRONG AGAIN! All I did was perform on Jonathan Ross I don’t speak.”

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