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Steal Her Style: Miley Cyrus’ ‘Miss Selfridge’ Fur Bolero



2013 has been the year of Miley Cyrus‘ style revolution. In the last 12 months she’s shaved 3/4 of her hair off, got in the best shape that she’s ever been in, and is now blamed for the evolution of the world’s funniest dance move- the ‘twerk’! Personally I’m quite a fan of the new punky Miley, and I think she looks pretty darn fierce on the new US Cosmopolitan December cover.

One item in particular that’s caught my eye in her shoot is a feather fur bolero jacket. After a quick peruse of the ‘Miss Selfridge‘ website, it became apparent that this item was from the High Street favourite, and didn’t have a several thousand dollar price tag, as it costs a modest ¬£130– a fair price for fur, I’m sure you’ll agree. The colour is nude, despite its lilac appearance in the magazine photo- that’s just down to good lighting! This dry-clean only¬† jacket is covered in turkey feathers, and is available in Sizes Small-Large. Get in there before all the ‘Smilers’ do!