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Sharon Osbourne Admits To Vaginal Tightening!


There’s not a doubt in my mind that Botox-lovingĀ Sharon Osbourne has saved this year’s dwindling season of ‘The X Factor‘, and has certainly brought some fire back to the panel in the form of her hair, and her spunky personality. She’s taken fieriness to a whole new level now by gushing, quite literally, about her lady parts on a chat show.

Poor unsuspecting Graham Norton probably wasn’t expecting to hear all about her Nunnivut Territory this week, when he asked Sharon which cosmetic surgery procedure that she’d undergone had been the most painful, during a routine interview promoting her latest book. The raven haired judge informed Graham that she’s had her vagina tightened, and that “it was the worst. It was just excruciating.”

Hands up ladies if you’re crossing your legs in horror right now… My lady parts are saying no, thank you. Ever. Meanwhile, comedian Jo Brand, also a guest on the show, joked that she’s also been tightened- thanks to a Singer sewing machine! Ha! Fabulous.