‘Queen V’ Leaves Geordie Shore On A High

‘Queen V’ Leaves Geordie Shore On A High

She’s had me in stitches more time than I’ve had hot dinners, so I’m gutted that Vicky Pattinson has announced to MTV today that she’s ready to quit the hit show that made her famous, Geordie Shore. The queen of one liners, who has been given the role of head of the household for series 9, is simply over the constant partying lifestyle and is ready to move on.

“I’ve moved on. I’m pleased they’re still enjoying themselves, the Geordies, but it just didn’t work anymore, not for me. It was just the right time for me. The show has been going for a long time, and I’ve been fortunate to be part of it from the start, but it’s changed. Everything that everyone else is happy with doing and still enjoys, I just don’t. I’m in a completely different place. I don’t feel angry about it, or upset – I’m pleased I’ve moved on, and I’m pleased they’re all still enjoying themselves, but it just didn’t work anymore. I know a lot of the people in the house are gonna be content to be 40-years-old and still downing Jaeger bombs and bucking birds, but for me, that was never an option.”

Don’t expect her to be absent from your TV screens forever though, as she has big jungle plans, and is hoping to be selected for this winter’s series of I’m A Celeb: “I’ve got no desire to fall off the face of the earth. If anything, this has made me hungrier for something I really want. I would like to pop up in the jungle. I think I’d have no problems after my experience on Geordie Shore and all the sort of creepy crawlies I’ve encountered doing this.Putting a kangaroo ball in my mouth – that would just not bother me in the slightest. I think I’ve probably had worse in my mouth. So yeah, I’m a celebrity – get me in there!”

Rather cynically of me, MTV have made the annoucenment on the day of the beginning of series 9 of the show- coincidence much?! Ha!

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