Cowell undergoes DNA test- predicted to reach 95, according to medics!



Simon Cowell never ceases to make me smile; it’s not a secret that I’ve harboured quite the crush on the music mogul for a while now, so I am particularly chuffed to hear that he might live to reach 95! I wonder if he’ll have ditched the grey/ white t-shirts by then, and invested in multiple wardrobe pieces…The brains behind ‘The X Factor‘ has confided to a journalist at ‘The Daily Mirror‘ that he’s taken medical steps to determine his predicted age.

“I had the DNA test done in LA which predicts when you’re going to die. They take your blood and DNA, then give you back a sheet of paper which says ‘We think you’re going to be alive until xxxx’. Obviously it doesn’t take account of the fact you might get hit by a bus tomorrow, but I got told I’d die aged 95 – which is about as good as you can expect.”

The 55-year-old, who has only become a father in his fifties, credits his new family man identity for his good health: “I think a lot of it is down to having a family now, and a lack of stress. I’ve learned to deal with stress much better now, things don’t bother me in the way that they once used to.” The doting Dad, who has taken to fatherhood with far more ease than the world anticipated, wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Now I have seen Jungle Book, Frozen and Up one million times with Eric can I have some film suggestions please. He likes dinosaurs.”

Now I’m worried he may have lived in LA too long!

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