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Winehouse’s Ex Blake Describes The First Time She Touched Heroin


Amy Winehouse‘s ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil appeared on ‘Jeremy Kyle‘ earlier today, and spoke about how he got the singer hooked on deadly drugs:

“I’ve admitted that I was there when Amy had heroin for the first time, it was my doing, I don’t think she’d ever experienced it without me … the thing with heroin is you don’t take it once and get a dependency straight away it can take quite a while to be build up a dependency. I got my first habit where I had to do it every day before we went to get to America to get married. So it was maybe two months after that (she needed it). We smoked, she never injected it, I did inject eventually but not with Amy, after the relationship ended.”

“We were using it once a week for about 2 to 3 weeks, to then twice a week and then it gradually built up like that. One day we were laying in bed and Amy said she felt like she had a cold and I felt awful as well and I said, “I think this is withdrawal.” And she said, “I’m not doing that again.” Because it felt so horrible. The fact is is that of course I regret it; not only just because of the damage it’s caused Amy, and the loss of her life and the damage to her family, but also to my family and also to me. We’ve all gone through this addiction.”

Gaga Dedicates Song To Amy Winehouse & Princess Diana


Lady Gaga pulled a ‘lavender blonde’ from the 55,000 strong crowd at her sold-out ‘Born This Way Ball‘ show at Twickenham on Saturday, and performed an emotional tribute to Amy Winehouse, Princess Diana, Alexander McQueen & Whitney Houston to her.

The acoustic track titled ‘Lady Die‘ references her number 1 inspiration during her teens- the people’s Princess. She told the crowds: “Since I was a very young girl, the people’s Princess was the most important person in me and my mother’s life. I swore if I ever had an audience like this in London, I would take a moment to appreciate her. This is for her, Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Whitney Houston and me.”

Brand’s Guilt Over Amy Winehouse


Russell Brand has revealed to ‘The Sun‘ that he partly blames himself for the death of friend Amy Winehouse, as he feels he could have helped her to conquer her addictions, in the same way that he did.

“I got clean at the age of 27, the age Amy was when she died. Her death was a paradoxical unsurprising shock. I felt like I could have done something to help – to give her the chance I had. “When she died, it was this feeling of, ‘Agh, I knew that was going to happen’. I had this flickering sense that I should have done something about that. I feel a bit guilty that there was nothing I did. I loved Amy on the basis that I thought she was really, really brilliant. I recognised that this person has got it, she has got this thing. She is not happy, she is on edge.”

Winehouse’s Ex In Drug Binge Coma


Amy Winehouse‘s troublesome ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil was admitted to hospital on Wednesday night after suffering from multiple organ failure. An extremely heavy drug binge that evening led to him entering a critical state, and he had to be put into a medically-induced coma.

His long-suffering girlfriend (and mother to his young son Jack) Sarah Aspin has so far kept a bedside vigil next to his life support machine, and hopes that his condition will improve: “He has been calling for his Dadda. I’m praying for him and would ask everybody to do the same. I know he is going to pull through – he keeps waking up. I go down to the hospital every day – it’s heartbreaking to see Blake lying there. The doctors aren’t really giving us any indication of how he is doing. He looks like he is getting there though, bit by bit. He hadn’t been taking heroin and he is not a big drinker so I think he may have been taking tablets and they don’t mix well with alcohol. I just hope he realises that he can’t do this any more. He needs to think of Jack. This has got to be a wake-up call for him. If this doesn’t act as a wake-up call for Blake then I don’t know what will.”

Amy‘s father Mitch tweeted yesterday: “Terrible news about Blake this morning. Remember Amy loved him. Let’s pray for his recovery. Mitch.”

Amy Winehouse Tried For Baby


Letters sent by the late Amy Winehouse to her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil have been released by his Mum. In the letters, she reveals her desperation to conceive a baby, and describes their tempestuous relationship.

Georgette Fielder-Civil has told ‘The Sun‘: “In one letter Amy wrote that Blake was definitely getting her pregnant within 2 months. She talked about conceiving the baby – which they would call Lucky – on Valentine’s Day. Blake has a tarnished reputation but he and Amy were in love. They fell in love and drugs got in the way. Even after their divorce Amy told Blake she’d love him forever. They carried on talking to each other until a few months before she died. The last letter must have been in March 2010. She told Blake he knew her better than anyone and called Blake her proudest achievement. There were cartoons, drawings and doodles. I got goosebumps when Blake showed me them. But there was a dark side. She also called Blake her most precious poisonous possession.”

Winehouse’s Parents Receive Estate


Amy Winehouse‘s parents Janis and Mitch will be pleased to hear that her horrible ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil will not receive a penny of her estate. She left behind a £3 million fortune for her family after almost £2 million was taken away to pay for debts and taxes last year. As the never got around to making her own will, her parents are the best to be kept in charge of their daughter’s finances, and Mitch is the administrator of her estate.

Her long-suffering Dad Mitch has been criticised by fans for flogging one of his daughter’s old dresses on ‘Channel 4‘ show ‘Four Rooms‘, despite proceeds from the sale going to the ‘Hopes And Dreams‘ charity. He defended himself, and said: “Regarding the auction dress on ‘Four Rooms‘ on ‘Channel 4‘ tonight; Amy gave that dress to ‘Hopes and Dreams‘ charity 9 months before she passed away. It is not our dress. I was asked to help with negotiations. So we are not selling Amy‘s dress. But we will sell others to raise money for kids that need help.”

Sarah Harding To Front Winehouse Charity?


Mitch Winehouse is currently looking for a celebrity to become the face of the ‘Amy Winehouse Foundation‘, and is hoping that troubled ‘Girls Aloud‘ singer Sarah Harding will be willing to accept the role of ambassador for the charity.

He told ‘The Sun‘: “If we could pick Sarah up when she recovers and put her in front of a school assembly to tell those kids the reality of drinking and alcoholism, it would be making a big start. Sarah will be ideal, but all in good time when she has faced her own problems. There might be some kids who actually take notice of what she has to say.”

I’m sure that this would be a brilliant move for Sarah after rehab.

RiRi Gets Given The Wax Treatment


Flaming redhead Rihanna‘s brand new wax model was unveiled to the public for the first time earlier today at Madame Tussauds.

The thigh flashing black dress on the mannequin shows off her numerous tattoos, required four months to complete, and cost a whopping £150,000!

She’s been placed alongside musical legends Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse.

A representative for Madame Tussauds said: “We are sure she will hit the right note with our guests as demand for her figure has been huge since her appearance on ‘The X Factor’ 2010. Rihanna is one of the biggest music stars of the moment and is a perfect addition to the diva dream team of female artists we have here at the attraction.”

Legal Drug Could Have Caused Amy’s Death


Amy Winehouse‘s father Mitch has told interviewer Anderson Cooper that his daughter had the anti-anxiety medication Librium in her system when she died, and reiterated that her death was not linked to any illegal drugs, and that she suffered from fits.

“What happened to Amy wasn’t anything to do with drugs. Everything Amy did, she did to excess. She drank to excess and did detox to excess. The periods of abstinence were becoming longer, and the periods of drinking were becoming shorter. It was heading in the right direction.”

It’s thought that she had become more independent on them as she tried to reduce her alcohol intake.

Results Of Amy Winehouse’s Toxicology Report


Results from Amy Winehouse‘s long-awaited toxicology report have shown that alcohol was present in her system at the time of her death, but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death. There are no signs of any illegal drugs having been consumed beforehand.

“The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process. They await the outcome of the inquest in October,” said a representative.

Her father Mitch told her family at her funeral that Amy had quit drink and drugs before her death; “Three years ago, Amy conquered her drug dependency, the doctors said it was impossible but she really did it. She was trying hard to deal with her drinking and had just completed three weeks of abstinence. She said, “Dad, I’ve had enough of drinking. I can’t stand the look on your and the family’s faces any more.”

Well it sounds like she drank herself to death…such a shame.