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‘Girls Aloud’ Members Confirm Their Split At Their Final Concert Of Tour


Girls Aloud‘ fans, get the tissues out…the 5 piece that were created on ‘Popstars‘ back in the day have split up following a successful 10 years together.

The group’s official Twitter page broke the news just after their last date of the ‘Ten‘ tour: “Dear Alouders, we just want to say from the bottom of our hearts Thank you! This tour has been an amazing experience and the perfect chance to say thank you for being on this journey with us through a decade. It has far exceeded any of our dreams and we hope we are forever your inspiration and reminder that dreams really do glitter!! Your love and support will stay with us forever but we have now come to the end of our incredible time together. Love you lots.”

Cheryl Cole wrote: “To the people that haven’t been able to make it, for what ever reason, we feel your support regardless and have done for 10 years.. To the people that have been to almost as many shows as we have lol let’s make this a celebration of the past 10 years. Thank you!”

Nadine Coyle also added: “I love you @GirlsAloud fans so so so so so much! You have given me everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the hairflips, twisted ankles, early mornings, late nights, sore throats, tears & facing height fears are all to try and give you the show you deserve. I have seen you many of you at the tour work as hard as us! That is why I cried last night on stage & probably tonight again. Not sad, happy tears. I cannot thank you enough. I love seeing all your faces. Ok more tears. I love you all forever.”

Cheryl Cole Praises Malaria Charity Fundraising Efforts Made By Fans


Cheryl Cole came close to death in 2010 after contracting a very bad case of malaria, so it’s understandable how her experience has made her want to help those suffering in the same way. The popular ‘Girls Aloud‘ singer tweeted her thanks to her fans over the weekend who have helped to raise money for charities combating the disease.

“Wow! What have I just come across. I can not believe that some of you have been starting a campaign to help fight Malaria and in such a short period of time have raised a considerable amount. My heart is melting knowing that I have such amazing, considerate and caring people on here. You make me so proud. I have found, and still find it incredibly hard to talk about publicly as my experience is still very fresh and raw in my mind. But to feel a response like that from Paul‘s story is amazing. Thank you. You’re all such angels.”

Get Cheryl Cole’s Camo Denim Look


Girls Aloud‘ singer Cheryl Cole made a splash during an appearance at ‘Radio 1‘ last week promoting her band’s new single, ‘Something New‘, in a pair of army green camouflage jeans.

Unfortunately, her’s, by a brand called ‘Textile Elizabeth & James‘, retail at over £149. But luckily for you, I’ve found an almost identical pair at a fraction of a price, costing just £25.99 over at ‘Missguided‘.

Nadine Coyle Swears Live On Radio 1


Potty-mouthed ‘Girls Aloud‘ singer Nadine Coyle lived up the airwaves this morning when she accidentally swore live on Grimmy‘s ‘Radio 1‘ breakfast show. The singer, who was accompanied by all her band mates, was discussing the popular Twitter tool ‘hash tagging’, when she dropped the “p-bomb”- aka, the least offensive swear word in the world- “piss.” The Irish beauty joked: “I use hash tags as a pisstake…as a joke…and it’s so hard,” before she was interrupted by the radio host, who apologised for any offence that her language might have caused. “If you’re offended about that, you need to get out more,” the cheeky lady retorted! Go Nadine!

Radio 1‘ tweeted after their interview: “Nadine swore, Nicola loved ‘Westlife‘, Sarah can’t work Twitter, Cheryl loved Ultimate Kaos, Kimberley spilt her coffee #WeloveGirlsAloud.” Cheryl tweeted this evening: “I had soooo much fun today with @GirlsAloud #MemoryLane #LoveMyGirls,” and Nadine, who was clearly still not over the incident, responded:Me too! It was such a class day! Love yous too #no#tag x.”

‘Girls Aloud’ Reveal Album & Tour


Girls Aloud‘ held a special press conference at midday at London‘s ‘Corinthia Hotel‘ to announce plans for a new comeback album and tour. They will release an 18– track album titled ‘10‘ at the end of this year, and 4 of those tracks will contain new, previously unheard material.

During the chat, Geordie lass Cheryl had a bit of banter with the others, and compared the group to a good old cooking sauce, telling the attendees: “it took a little while to marinade”, to which Sarah Harding retorted, “we’re not a steak!”

Cheeky ‘Heat‘ magazine asked the girls towards the end what underwear they were wearing, cue gasps and awkward expressions from the crowd. There was a lot of “I can’t remember, it was so early” coming from them, but Sarah told the reporter “Agent Provocateur darling!” Nadine Coyle looked amazing, I would love that woman’s legs, but the dodgy half-Irish half American accent does my head in.

Cheryl Had STD Check After Ashley


In an excerpt from Cheryl Cole‘s new book ‘My Story‘, she reveals that she visited a sexual health clinic after discovering the extent of her ex-husband Ashley‘s infidelity.

“As I started to read the allegations, I felt numb inside. There were 4 different women saying they had sex with Ashley. I pushed the papers away, feeling sick at the smell of the newsprint, and then I actually vomited. I’d seen enough to know that the trust had completely gone out of our marriage, and I was doing the right thing divorcing Ashley. He had hurt me so very badly. I sat alone for ages, thinking to myself, ‘I have no idea who my husband is any more’. I was being chased by the paparazzi everywhere – and I mean everywhere. One day I went for a sexual health check, which was traumatic enough without having a pack of men pointing cameras at me and following me to the clinic. I had to face the fact that Ashley‘s infidelity had been putting me at risk for a long time, and I had to put my mind at rest. I was given the all clear, but my emotional health was still in so much danger, having to deal with crap like that.”

Cheryl’s Arm In Sling After Crash


Cheryl Cole has bravely soldiered on after her car crash the other night, and has headed straight back to work to promote next single ‘Under The Sun‘. She did a number of interviews in London yesterday morning at various radio stations, including ‘Capital FM‘ and ‘Radio 1‘, and she rocked up with a fairly unglamorous accessory- an arm sling!

When she was asked by Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry about the scary smash, Cheryl blamed Will‘s chattyness as the cause of the collision: “He’s a bad talker. He was talking the face off us. He was talking about ‘Nasa‘ and Mars.” And as far as the sling is concerned, don’t worry, she’s only got to wear it for 3 days! “You know what, I think it’s actually hurting more to have it in the sling than it does when it’s not in there. I was just told to wear it for 3 days.  I’m following doctor’s orders.”

Daley Offers Cole A Diving Lesson


Bronze Olympic gold medal winner Tom Daley has spent the last week or so engaging in a cheeky flirtationship via Twitter with the nation’s sweetheart, Cheryl Cole, and has offered his services to her (cough!)

Just moments after stepping up on the podium to receive his medal for the 10m dive on Saturday, Cheryl cheekily asked the sportsman for a personal diving lesson: “I think you are amazing! Will you teach me how to swan dive? Congratulations @TomDaley1994.. You did us all proud! Now you should have some free time to teach me that dive !” Tom replied: “Of course! But first you need to follow me 😉 We need to get it organised! I will DM you now.”

Chez, you’ve been warned- back off, he’s mine! I’ve never shown such an interest in sport up until now.

Simon’s Birthday Gift For Cheryl


Simon Cowell sent Cheryl Cole a cheeky birthday over the weekend in the air. The ‘X Factor‘ music mogul clearly has more than a few pounds to spare, and purchased a unique sky writing message for his former rival Cheryl.

The message, which was written by a plane hired by Simon in Vegas, was a retaliation to her doing the same thing on his last birthday. Her message for him read: “Simon Cowell is 52 today! Ha ha ha! Love Cheryl xoxo”, and his message for her read: “Congratulations you’re 30 next year hahaha love Simon xxx”.

She celebrated her last 20-something birthday in Vegas with ‘Girls Aloud‘ bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts. She kept the public guessing about who her companions were when she posted a picture of Twitter of her dinner guests all wearing identical Cheryl masks.  She’s tweeted: “#Vegas #3daysnosleeps #1body2minds #gohardorgohome #wheresmybed#DearVegas you win! I officially bow down… It wasn’t a knock out i just took a graceful seat! I came I saw YOU conquered #isaluteyou.”

Cheryl Wants ‘Girls Aloud’ Musical


Cheryl Cole has told ‘Digital Spy‘ that she would quite like to see a ‘Girls Aloud‘ musical go into production in London‘s ‘West End‘, just like that of rival girl band ‘The Spice Girls‘.

“That would be amazing! That would be funny. I can’t imagine myself… Kimberley Walsh would be amazing because she’s a theatre veteran now. It would be pretty amazing that someone could play those parts in the theatre. That would really be a compliment, I think,” she is quoted as saying.