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Jennifer Lawrence Celebrates Oscar Win By Getting High in Hawaii?


My new girl crush (not looks-wise as such, more personality-wise), is ‘Hunger Games‘ actress Jennifer Lawrence, or ‘J-Law‘ as I now like to call her. As if ordering McDonald‘s on the ‘Academy Awards‘ red carpet and then tripping up the steps to receive said statue wasn’t bad enough, she’s well and truly out-done herself now by getting caught smoking what appears to be weed mere days later!

She is currently filming the sequel to the franchise in Hawaii, but in her downtime has also managed to drink vast quantities of red wine, and smoke suspicious-looking cigarettes with a female companion on her hotel balcony (we all know she’s really puffing the green stuff! That ain’t no tobacco…) She’s a role model to all! 😉

Jennifer Lawrence Wins Oscar & Orders McDonald’s On Red Carpet


Jennifer Lawrence won her very 1st Oscar last night (or should I say this morning?) for new project, ‘The Silver Linings Playbook.’ The ‘Best Actress‘ winner, who is just 22, created quite an impression amongst the fuddy crowd on the red carpet when she declared herself to be starving- so starving in fact that she wanted a McDonald‘s.

She told ‘MTV News’: “The ceremony is 4 hours long. I got in the car and could see the McDonald‘s right there, so. I forgot to eat because I was so stressed trying to leave the house, and I got in the car and I was starving.” However, it seems that she wasn’t entirely satisfied with her order: “Hang on, I didn’t say fries. I’m seeing you talk, and all I’m thinking about is me pissed that I didn’t get fries. You have to remind them of ketchup because they never include ketchup. You have to ask for it.”

And the drama continued furthermore when during her walk to the stage to accept her award, she tripped in her flamboyant dress, but regained her composure quickly: “What do you mean what happened? Look at this dress.” And as for what her exact thoughts were during the fall: “A bad word…It starts with F.”

‘The Hunger Games’ Actress Jennifer Lawrence Has Pneumonia


Jennifer Lawrence was unable to attend Saturday night’s ‘Australian Academy Of Cinema and Television Arts Awards‘ in LA, and many in the audience wondered why.

So when she won a ‘Best Actress‘ gong for ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘, co-star Jacki Weaver apologised for her absence of her behalf, and explained that she was actually suffering from pneumonia. She told the shocked crowd of actors and critics the news, and recited Jennifer‘s acceptance speech: “I am going to accept this award on behalf of Jennifer. She really wishes she could be here, but she is very ill.” However, the trooper made a relatively quick recovery, and was able to attend Sunday night’s ‘Screen Actor’s Guild Awards‘.

‘Hunger Games’ Actress Helps Sick


Jennifer Lawrence, star of ‘The Hunger Games‘ triology, performed a heroic act yesterday when she rushed to the aid of a sick woman, who had collapsed on the lawn of her apartment complex in Santa Monica, California. She and a friend ran over and called paramedics after watching her collapse mid-walk, and they were unable to wake her.

6 police officers and a paramedic (shouldn’t those figures be the other way round?!) turned up in the end to give her some attention, and she was later given the all-clear by medical staff.