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Paris Purchases Hot Wheels


Another week, another car…Paris Hilton has added to her already extensive car collection by buying a red hot Ferrari ‘California Spyder’.

She took the $280,000 vehicle out for the first time in LA on Saturday, and was accompanied by sister Nicky. The famous siblings embarked on a shopping trip to ‘Barney’s New York‘, where they purchased some adorable matching leopard print cat slippers, and checked out the new Lady Gaga exhibition.

Paris tweeted about her day: “Had so much fun today #Christmas shopping with @NickyHilton. #SisterDay,” and “Love my new ride #YES!”, alongside a photo of the new set of wheels.

She’s just got back from a romantic holiday to Hawaii with rumoured boyfriend, Dutch DJ Afrojack, where they spent the majority of the time relaxing on a boat and jet-skiing.

Her rep insists that she went to Hawaii with a group of friends to attend his concert and also to shoot her bikini calendar. Hmm, I think there’s something more going on there!

Paris’ Bruise Bother


Large bruise marks covered Paris Hilton’s legs as she took a stroll with sister Nicky in St. Tropez yesterday, and her short floral dress didn’t do much to cover them up.

It looks like she may have taken a tumble down the stairs, unless she has developed the same skin condition as Kim Kardashian.

Interestingly, Nicky didn’t seem to have any similar marks on her skin, but her legs were covered up in a long maxi dress.

She doesn’t seem to wear clothes similar to Paris usually, telling ‘Star’ magazine that she and Paris never raid each other’s wardrobes: “My sister and I don’t share clothes because we have totally different senses of style but my friends and I share clothes a lot. Bags, sunglasses, dresses. I’m lucky because I’m a size 10 shoe so no one can borrow my shoes. Which is good because I’m kind of a germ-a-phobe.”

Paris Gets Mobbed In St. Tropez


Photo time during helicopter ride.

Paris Hilton jetted off yesterday to the luxurious French town of St. Tropez with younger sis Nicky in tow.

With her phone in hand, she and her sister left the helicopter which they’d travelled in, and made their way along the French Riviera.

Their relationships have both recently ended, so I’m sure they will be making the most of their time with the French men.

She added a little bit of business into the equation though, playing her new song “Going Out To The VIP” when she arrived.

Just causing a little bit of excitement...

Her low-key shopping expedition soon turned to mayhem when fans caught sight of the two heiresses, who were all clamouring for Paris’ attention.

“Just got back from a crazy day of shopping. Got mobbed the entire time. So happy to be back in my room, so peaceful and quiet :),” she tweeted.

Poor love; go and treat yourself to a mani-pedi! Don’t ignore your fans though, or else they won’t be there next time!

Engaged Kristin Cavallari Dumped


She was known on ‘The Hills’ as the girl who was not able to commit in relationships, and when she announced her boyfriend Jay’s proposal in Mexico back in April, her friends thought she’d settled down for good.

But earlier this week boyfriend Jay Cutler dumped the reality star just weeks ahead of their wedding. She had taken part in a wedding-themed ‘Life & Style’ spread just 2 days before he delivered the news.

She was described as “bubbling with excitement”, and spoke on the day about her bridesmaids and her strapless style dress; “I want a romantic, mystical wedding with lots of flowers.”

You’d think that he could have broken the news to her before their engagement party last weekend, where they celebrated with friends in Miami. The supposed reason for the break-up is that Kristin refused to fly to Chicago to see Jay for a day or two, and Jay told her she needed to commit to him and to move to Chicago.

He seemed to resent her having a career in entertainment, and was unhappy about her associating with the press. Their was also immense pressure on Kristin to get pregnant straight after their wedding, despite her protests.

Nicky Hilton consoled her ringless friend with a good old night out at ‘The Beverly’ last night. Some of her friends say that Jay was extremely controlling during the relationship: “He made her choose between him and being friends with a lot of her girlfriends.”

Watch Paris Slap Ex Cy


Yesterday I broke the news that Paris Hilton had dumped boyfriend Cy Waits amid rumours of several huge arguments; in this clip, shown during Paris’ interview Monday night with American chat show host George Lopez, she gives Cy one hell of a slap! He has a fit of jealousy after Paris and her sister visit a male friend’s house (on holiday in Cabo back in January), and tries to get security to throw Paris out of the club. She retaliates by giving him a whack round the face with a handful of bling, and storming off.

Fast forward to around the 6 minute mark to watch it all unfold!

Paris Dumps Cy


This is such a shame, I really thought he might be the guy she’d marry; Paris Hilton has chucked nightclub owner boyfriend Cy Waits after a year of dating.

“I can confirm that Paris Hilton and Cy Waits have ended their relationship. It was a joint and amicable decision. They both have respect and care for one another and ask for you to please respect their privacy”, said spokesperson Dawn Miller.

Last night her sis Nicky tried to cheer Paz up by taking her to see ex-friend Britney Spears in concert in LA, but even then she struggled to crack a smile, and looked very sombre.

Taylor Momsen Wears Pink :O


Taylor Momsen discarded her usual uniform of black bondage gear and thigh-high boots for a Japanese fashion appearance yesterday, and opted instead for a much more subtle pink candyfloss coloured outfit.

She wore a clasic pink shift dress, and her Japanese fans at the Samantha Thavasa handbag launch were completely shocked by the transformation- she was even seen grinning at one point!

She tweeted about the event: “Having a great time in Japan with @samantha_PR_ST and teppanyaki ronnie!!”


However, she never goes anywhere without causing the slightest bit of controversy; her dress was so short, when she selected a handbag to model on the floor, she flashed a bum cheek!

Samantha Thavasa has previously worked with the likes of Nicky and Paris Hilton.

It is refreshing to see Taylor looking so content, and wearing a colour other than black!