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‘Girls Aloud’ Reveal Album & Tour


Girls Aloud‘ held a special press conference at midday at London‘s ‘Corinthia Hotel‘ to announce plans for a new comeback album and tour. They will release an 18– track album titled ‘10‘ at the end of this year, and 4 of those tracks will contain new, previously unheard material.

During the chat, Geordie lass Cheryl had a bit of banter with the others, and compared the group to a good old cooking sauce, telling the attendees: “it took a little while to marinade”, to which Sarah Harding retorted, “we’re not a steak!”

Cheeky ‘Heat‘ magazine asked the girls towards the end what underwear they were wearing, cue gasps and awkward expressions from the crowd. There was a lot of “I can’t remember, it was so early” coming from them, but Sarah told the reporter “Agent Provocateur darling!” Nadine Coyle looked amazing, I would love that woman’s legs, but the dodgy half-Irish half American accent does my head in.

New ‘Girls Aloud’ Tour Given Date


Nadine Coyle has reignited the ‘Girls Aloud‘ tour debate by telling ‘The Sunday Mirror‘ that they are beginning to start planning their reunion for early next year.

She said: “It’s time to come back. At the end of the year it would have been 10 years and it feels like the right time to regroup. I know everyone’s been speculating about what we will do. It will be arena dates at the start of next year and we will have new music to go with it.”

Meanwhile, bandmate Kimberley Walsh shared the same thoughts as Nadine about reuniting on ‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show‘: “We are definitely talking about plans for next year because it’s our 10 year anniversary so we don’t know exactly what it’s going to be. I can’t give too much information but we’ll definitely be doing something together again which will be lovely.”

Nicola Roberts was more realistic about the girls getting back together: “I can’t say if Sarah will want to join the tour.” I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much quite yet though, as a representative for the band has already denied it: “No official plans have been announced.”

Sarah Harding’s Bruises


Sarah Harding has spoken up for the first time since her traumatic fight with ex boyfriend Theo De Vries during their holiday to Austria.

In an exclusive interview with ‘The Sun‘, she said: “I have a black eye and bruising. He had me by the neck, on the floor, and I kicked him to get him off me. He grabbed me by my hair — throwing my head on the floor. We were struggling. While he had me by the hair, he was pulling me across the floor. He was dragging me around. He was smacking my head on the floor. He bit my ear. And when I kicked him to try and get him off me, I got his nose and he was bleeding. He smeared the blood all over my face so it was all over my clothes. Look at me, look what he has done to me. That doesn’t come from just holding me back. I’ve got bruises on my bum. Bruises on my legs. The damage to my arm is probably the worst. This is where they bandaged me in hospital as they thought I might have fractured it.”

The pair met during simultaneous trips to rehab in Cape Town, South Africa, towards the end of 2011.

“I have spoken to Tom (her ex), he wants to kill him. We still have a lot of love for each other, but we know we are just not right for each other at this point in time. I think that’s what pissed Theo off. He knew that I still had a lot of love for Tom.”

As much as I sympathise with her, I’m not sure that selling pictures of her injuries is the best idea…

Sarah Harding’s Holiday From Hell


Sarah Harding has been through a lot over the last few months; she split up with her DJ ex Tom Crane, went to rehab for an alcohol addiction, and has had to come to terms with the fact that her career has come to a halt without the other ‘Girls Aloud‘ members.

But now she’s had to suffer the added drama of another break-up, this time from boyfriend Theo, who she’s only been dating for a few months. The split happened during their New Year skiing holiday in Austria, at the ‘Hotel Schloss Matzen‘. An argument started and a fight broke out, and Sarah was hospitalised; she returned to the UK today with a bandaged hand, puffy eyes and swollen lip last night after making a complaint to police.

Sarah was taken to hospital because she was hysterical after the row. She was crying and screaming and clearly in a lot of distress,” says a hotel resident.

She told a pap upon her return: “I’ve had a week from fucking hell!”

Sarah Harding To Front Winehouse Charity?


Mitch Winehouse is currently looking for a celebrity to become the face of the ‘Amy Winehouse Foundation‘, and is hoping that troubled ‘Girls Aloud‘ singer Sarah Harding will be willing to accept the role of ambassador for the charity.

He told ‘The Sun‘: “If we could pick Sarah up when she recovers and put her in front of a school assembly to tell those kids the reality of drinking and alcoholism, it would be making a big start. Sarah will be ideal, but all in good time when she has faced her own problems. There might be some kids who actually take notice of what she has to say.”

I’m sure that this would be a brilliant move for Sarah after rehab.

Sarah Harding Checks Into Rehab


Troubled ‘Girls Aloud‘ singer Sarah Harding has checked into a rehab facility, and is being treated for “depression and alcohol addiction,” her spokesperson confirmed today.

She has officially hit rock bottom following her split from DJ fiancé Tom Crane in July.

She is being treated at a facility abroad, but her exact location is unknown at present.

‘Girls Aloud’ Have Own Private Reunion


4/5 ‘Girls Aloud‘ members reunited for their own private party last night for the first time in several months. Nadine was the only one missing from the bash, which saw Sarah, Nicola, Cheryl and Kimberley break out the chocolate and chick flicks in what Nicola called a ‘girls night in.’

Cheryl has just returned from a short trip to Afghanistan, and wrote on her Twitter: “A shout out to all my soldiers. Just got back from Afghanistan. Unbelievable experience. I wish I could’ve bought them all home with me X”