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SJP Won’t Play Bradshaw Role Again


Sex & The City‘ actress Sarah Jessica Parker has been included in ‘ELLE‘ magazine’s ‘Women In Hollywood‘ issue, and has a few words to say about any future acting roles that she chooses: “I don’t love the idea of playing another woman who loves fashion and is slightly flawed in New York City. I loved ‘Sex & The City‘s Carrie and I don’t want to do the poor man’s version of her. And while those are often the lucrative things to do, it’s more reason to look in the other direction.”

And she won’t be giving any acting tips to her predecessor AnnaSophia either: “I would never give advice. No, no, no. It’s like someone giving romance advice or parenting advice. It’s such a unique experience, playing a part and I’m sure they found someone wonderful.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Joins ‘Glee’


Sarah Jessica Parker has been cast as an editor for ‘‘ in an upcoming episode of ‘Glee‘. Fashion royalty and notorious ice queen Anna Wintour has been called in to select her outfits for the appearance in series 4 of the hit tween drama, which is why they spent some quality time yesterday discussing her potential looks over lunch in New York at ‘Balthazar‘ restaurant.

Glee‘ creator Ryan Murphy disclosed details of the latest celeb cameo via Twitter yesterday: “Guess who’s helping us with Sarah Jessica Parker‘s costumes on ‘Glee‘? The amazing Anna Wintour!”

The New Carrie Bradshaw


AnnaSophia Robb is the name on everybody’s lips today; she’s just been confirmed as the person who’ll play a teenage Carrie Bradshaw in the TV adaptation of Candace Bushnell‘s teen novel, ‘The Carrie Diaries.’

Being just 18-years-old, she definitely fits the bill, as she’s blonde, skinny, and has almost identical facial features to predecessor Sarah Jessica Parker. Her acting career to date has seen her be cast as surfer Bethany Hamilton in the ‘Soul Surfer‘, and has also appeared in ‘Race to Witch Mountain‘, and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘.

The show’s plot will revolve around Carrie‘s initial move to New York, where she discovers her love of writing and fashion in her late teens. The show will be produced by ‘Warner Bros.‘, and its pilot will air in the States on the ‘CW‘ channel in May.

Demi Moore Leaves Hospital


Demi Moore was released from LA‘s ‘Sherman Oaks‘ hospital on Friday after a 4 night stay. She was hospitalised after smoking some sort of drug, rumoured to be ‘Salvia‘, when she began to lose consciousness.

In a leaked ‘LAPD‘ phone call, a friend of the actress describes Demi as being “semi-conscious, barely”. She suffered a seizure at a birthday party she was hosting at her home, and although she was reportedly treated for anorexia and substance abuse, friend Patty Jenkins says she is recovering.

Patty told ‘E! Online‘: “I just saw her and she’s doing great. I think she’s doing much better than it’s made out to be. Demi is awesome and so strong. I also hate when people make it a bigger drama than what is going on. She’s great.”

The star’s friend can be heard on the tape of the call saying: “We need an ambulance here as soon as possible. Why is an ambulance not on its way right now? She smoked something. It’s not ‘Marijuana‘, but it’s similar to, it’s similar to incense, and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. She’s been having some issues lately with some other stuff, so I don’t know what she’s been taking.”

Coincidentally, ex Ashton Kutcher returned to LA on Friday after a holiday to Brazil.

Her mini melt-down means that she will no longer be able to take the role in biopic ‘Lovelace‘, and Sarah Jessica Parker is said to have been lined up as her replacement.

Blake’s Lion Paw Louboutins


I’m amazed Christian Louboutin hasn’t asked Blake Lively to model his footwear creations for his brand yet.

She has accumulated hundreds of the pricey red-soled heels over the last few years, raised the brand’s profile, and her latest pair are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

The camel suede lion paw pair, which retail at £3,195, and are 120 mm high, were worn by the ‘Gossip Girl‘ actress in New York this morning.

The heels from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection are called Alex, and feature a paw- like design, with four jewelled black talons, and a yellow crystal heel.

She’s the second celebrity to purchase a pair; in August, Sarah Jessica Parker wore the same heels to the Moscow premiere of ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It.’

If you’re going wild for these fierce babies, buy them here!

‘SATC’ Prequel Given The Green Light


Carrie fans rejoice! Candice Bushnell‘s top-selling novel, ‘The Carrie Diaries‘, will soon go into production.

The book is a prequel to the more adult ‘Sex and the City‘ series. ‘Deadline‘ claims that ‘Gossip Girl‘ producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz will be heavily involved in the project.

The show will depict Carrie‘s final year of high school, and her move from the Midwest to NYC in the 1980s. SJP will not play Carrie herself, and the only other member of the quadruplet that will appear is a yonuger version of maneater Samantha Jones.

The ‘CW‘ is rumoured to be broadcasting the show, a network which has propelled TV shows such as ‘Gossip Girl‘ and ‘90210‘ into the limelight.

SJP Signs Manolos For Carrie Fans


Fashionista SJP teamed up with top-notch shoe designer Manolo Blahnik at last night’s FNO event in New York. She signed she soles for queueing fans, and was eager to sign a pair of royal blue coloured Manolos, almost identical to the ones worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the first ‘Sex and The City‘ film.

All funds earned are due to be donated to the Fund for Public Schools, a favourite charity of hers. And Blahnik agreed to supply a Manolo milkshake truck, with proceeds also going to the same charity. She’s just about to embark on a promotional tour for her latest chick flick, ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It‘, so is certainly a very busy lady!