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‘TOWIE’ Sisters Sam & Billie’s Cardiff Pop-Up Shop Plans


BHjaW2KCUAANjxjThe future Mrs Essex (how unfortunate!), Sam Faiers, will come to Cardiff at the end of this month for a business trip. The ‘TOWIE‘ star will bring her BrentwoodMinnie’s‘ boutique to the Welsh capital- a business shared with her sister Billie. The pair are setting up shop, quite literally, at ‘Kapu‘/ ‘The Ladybird‘ on the weekend of the 27th & 28th April. The girls will be helping their team with sales, and will also host several signings for fans.

Lauren Goodger Reveals Recent Cervical Cancer Scare After Test


Former ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘ ‘star’ Lauren Goodger has revealed to ‘The Mirror‘ that she had a very major health scare 5 years ago which has led her to become heavily involved with cervical cancer charities.

“When people really have a go at me, I remind myself how lucky I am. I went for my usual routine smear test and they found abnormal cells. I needed to have a colposcopy, a procedure where they look at what’s going on and then treat it. The first thing that I thought was, I’m gonna die. I’ve got cancer. I was frightened about what they might find and I was nervous about the procedure. It was quite painful even though they gave me a local anaesthetic. Afterwards I bled for a while and felt weak. In my case, they were able to laser the abnormal cells away.”

“I was so relieved but I worried for ages that it hadn’t gone away and that something bad was going to happen. I had to go back every 6 months for a smear test. Now I just have one every year and, thank God, it all seems to be clear. So when the bullies are at their worst, thinking about what happened makes me realise how small-minded they really are.”

Amy Child’s Phone Stolen At Salon


Former ‘TOWIE‘ cast member Amy Childs was outraged yesterday when she discovered that her crystal-covered ‘iPhone‘ had been stolen from her beauty salon. The bubbly TV personality spends the majority of her time there, and is quite a hands on manager, but is no doubt considering increasing her security measures now after the theft.

She tweeted through her rage: “Can you believe I was working all day yesterday at my boutique and someone stole my phone, how can someone do that? No morals. So upset right now, having the worst day. We have a lady on CCTV who we caught, but she took my phone. So gutted about my phone!”

Amy Childs Wants ‘TOWIE’ Film


Back in the day, Amy Childs was the main star of ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘, and introduced the world to the art of the vajazzle; so it only makes sense for her to be included in the film that the show’s other characters so desperately want.

In her ‘New‘ magazine column this week, she’s addressed the rumours: “Apparently they’d want some of the original cast members to be in it. I must admit, some of the people I still talk to on the show have mentioned this to me, so it looks likely that a film will happen in the not-so-distant future. No-one’s asked me to be in it but I’d definitely say yes if they did. I think it’d be brilliant for the film to have all the original cast – me, Kirk Norcross, Harry Derbidge and Mark Wright.”

Amy Childs Undergoes 2nd Boob Job


‘The Only Way Is Essex’ glamourpuss Amy Childs will go under the knife for her 2nd breast enhancement soon. Despite having them done when she was 18, her recent weight loss has meant that she’s dropped a bra size. The increase will see her go up to a DD cup from her current C– a huge change from her previous A-cup size during puberty.

The ‘Ultimo‘ model will undergo the operation at ‘The Hospital Group‘ in the imminent future, and wants the implants placed behind the muscles in stead of in front this time around. She told the latest edition of ‘New!‘ magazine: “When I first got them done… they were so nice and pert. Now they’re just really saggy and heavy. They give me backache too. The operation feels like someone really heavy is sitting on your boobs. You feel all tight for about 6 months, but the heaviness goes.”

TOWIE’s Maria Fowler In Race Row


TOWIE‘  loudmouth Maria Fowler has gotten herself embroiled in a race row with former ‘X Factor‘ contestant Marcus Collins. The pair met at the launch of  a new online boutique store run by ‘Desperate Scousewives‘ girls Amanda Harrington, and Gill and Debbie O’Toole in Liverpool last week. WW3 started when Maria approached Marcus to have a photo with him, and she then accused him of spitting on her hair.

Marcus tweeted his anger at the claim, accusing her of calling him a “fucking queer cunt”. He added : “Not standing for homophobic abuse by anyone it’s unnessasry and I never spat in anyone’s hair. Some people should be ashamed of themselves #homophobia will NOT BE TOLERATED @MariaFowler #Ignorant.”

Maria has since apologised in a statement to the press: “Last night I was overheard discussing the fact I was branded a racist by Marcus Collins. In reaction to the allegations I mentioned that I am not a racist person and I went with a mixed race boy the other week. Now stupidly I used the term “half breed” which means someone who is a mix of ethnicities, I then laughed at the stupidity of the situation. What I did not realise (and now fully regret) is that the term “half breed” is seen by some, as derogatory it is a word that has openly been used by my peers through my life. In the dictionary, the term “half breed” means “the offspring of parents of dual racial origin” and the term racist is used for someone with hate towards people of different ethnicity to themself, which is sickening and ignorant. I have never been a racist and to suggest so is deeply hurtful and sickening. It’s a difficult world where the slightest comment and people jump and a bandwagon so quick to brand you racist. And it’s a shame. I have not a racist bone in my body. I have had serious relationships with both a mixed English/Jamaican, and also mixed Pakistani/Portuguese these are not the actions of a person with hate towards other races. I sincerely apologise if I have upset anyone with my terminology. This is a mistake I will definatly learn from. I am not perfect and we all make our mistakes. But once again I am not a racist and deeply sorry for any offence that may have been caused.”

Lauren Goodger Bows Out Of Essex


Ever since she began her career on ‘The Only Way With Essex‘, Lauren Goodger has shared a tumultuous relationship with the show’s producers. And now they appear to have clashed once again amid plans of hers to turn her and her sister Nicola into “the British versions of the Kardashians.”

As a result of their row over her role on the show, they cut most of the scenes which she filmed last Sunday at the ‘George Shillibeer‘ pub in Islington following Arg‘s marathon run. A tweet written yesterday implied that she was in a feud: “Think about time spread my wings a lot things arising @NicolaGoodger @RiannaGoodger.” At last night’s ‘Elite 2012 Model‘ event, she spoke out about the reports to ‘‘. “There’s been some issues which are currently being looked into while ‘TOWIE‘ is on a break.”

Norcross Home Destroyed By Flames


The home of ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘ stars Kirk and Mick Norcross was destroyed by a blaze in Essex yesterday. Mick was treated for smoke inhalation, and Kirk suffered minor cuts after attempting to extinguish the fire that broke out an upstairs rooms. 2 fire engines and an ambulance arrived on the scene 20 minutes later, and the pair of them had to wear oxygen masks.

Mick wrote about the ordeal: “Thanks for the support re the fire at my home, not good coming home to smoke coming out the roof, thanks @kirk_official & Paul for trying to put it out! Thanks again for all the support at least no one was hurt its only material it can all be fixed.”

Kirk told his Twitter followers that he was asleep in the house when the fire broke out. He wrote: “Dramas! Got woke up to my Dad’s house on fire! Tried my best to put it out #MyLungsAreFucked thanks Mr Fireman for saving my life.”

TOWIE’s ‘Arg’ Completes Marathon


TOWIE‘ star James Argent completed the London Marathon today with an impressive time of 06:01:01. Last month the singer couldn’t reach the end of the road without breaking into a sweat, but now he’s proved his critics wrong by rising to the challenge.

By 5pm, he’d raised £3308 for ‘Cancer Research‘. Clearly elated by his result, he tweeted: “6 weeks ago I was 18 stone and couldn’t run down my road. Just completed the London Marathon. Received so much stick and lots believed I wouldn’t do it but proved those Haters/Doubters wrong! Hope Grandad Seamus is proud! #CancerResearch.”

Co-stars Cara Kilbey and Billi Mucklow joined him for the 32nd annual event, along with 37,500 other runners.

Amy & Harry Get Spin-Off Show


They quit ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘ just a number of weeks ago, but Amy Childs and Harry Derbidge have already been offered a new TV show after their previous success onscreen. A copy of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie‘s ‘The Simple Life‘, ‘The Simpleton Life‘, will see them both attempt to do everyday jobs, such as serving in a Domino‘s restaurant, deep sea fishing and working in a coal mine; just like anyone else in modern day Britain.

A source told ‘The Sun‘: “The show will be just like ‘The Simple Life‘ but, dare I say it, even more ridiculous. Amy and Harry are not exactly known for their ability to do everyday tasks so it’s a car crash waiting to happen. In fairness, they are quite funny as a duo and bosses are hoping their daft chemistry will keep people entertained.”

The show will be a welcome distraction for Amy, who’s just told ‘OK!‘ magazine that in the last year her family home has been burgled, cars damaged or stolen, and her Dad’s flower business had also been targeted 3 times.

“My life has become a living hell. Me and my family are being terrorised. My dad has now been turned over four times. It just feels like this nightmare is never going to end. We’re being terrorised. This has all happened since I became famous. I feel so guilty for my family. I’m just a normal girl from Essex enjoying my life. Why is this happening to me? I just think they are well jel.”