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We’ve known for a few years that has an absolutely massive crush on long-term friend Cheryl Cole, and now he’s jumped to her defence once again after her performance on last week’s ‘The Voice‘ was criticised heavily by viewers.

He told London newspaper ‘Metro‘: “I was there. She wasn’t miming. I didn’t know she was jumping on stage until she did. I thought it was dope.” And will she break America? “America‘s a weird place right now, in terms of breaking. I don’t know who is breaking America right now. We never broke America till after. You gotta break around the world. As an American act, why am I doing a show in the UK if I care about breaking America?”

Jessie J Messes Up Live Peformance


Jessie J had a bit of an embarrassing technical glitch Saturday night during a live studio performance. 15 minutes into the evening’s broadcast of ‘The Voice‘, she began to sing with the rest of the contestants in her category, only to realise that her microphone wasn’t working. The singer, who dressed in a stripped monochrome top and black flared trousers with a ‘Minnie Mouse‘ style hairdo, alerted the audience and production staff that her mic wasn’t working.

She spoke directly to the camera, saying: “Sorry guys, the mic isn’t working, this is live telly. I can’t hear anything.” Her contestant Cassisus Henry put an arm around her, and host Holly Willoughby recovered the situation. Once sorted, the group took the stage to complete their performance.

And Jessie‘s got herself in hot water with the show’s producers and fellow judges after she announced her 2 finalists hours before the results show on Twitter. The picture that she posted showed her with Vince Kidd and Becky Hill, and had the caption “team Jessie going in today.”