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Singer Usher Has Success In Custody Battle Against Ex-Wife Tameka


Usher left an Atlanta courtroom Friday feeling jubilant after successfully securing primary custody of his 2 sons. Despite mothers usually winning custody battles, his fame and fortune must have swayed the judge’s opinion. The famous singer and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, had taken legal action against each other following a tragic incident last week, in which one of their children was hospitalised.

Their eldest son got caught in a pool drain at Usher‘s aunt Rena Oden‘s this Monday, and despite their best efforts, his staff were unable to free him from it, leading to a 911 call. He was given CPR and taken to hospital, where he remained on Friday, conscious and recovering. Whatever tension between the couple seemed to evaporate as they fled the court though, as Usher tenderly hugged Tameka, offering some what of an olive branch.

Bieber Sued For Penis Enlargement


Well we’ve questioned whether he has one for a while, and it seems that Baby Biebs does have a little wiener down there after all…The baby-faced singer has been accused by a Michigan man of stealing his ‘American Express‘ card to pay for a penis enlargement operation, alongside a number of other crazy accusations.

Papers obtained by ‘TMZ‘ state: “Bieber has cost me $426.78 and never paid me back. This money was used as abortion money because Justin Bieber got my daughter Selena pregnant in my bedroom, on my Canadian bear rug. Justin gave Selena an STD and Bieber also got a penis enlargement with my stolen ‘American Express‘ card. Usher Raymond came to my house on the 4th July 2012 and sodomised me with a firework and lit it inside my anal area while blaring Katy PerryFirework‘ song in my ear drums.” There are some very strange people in the world.

Usher Admits He Had A Breakdown


Last spring R&B artist Usher cancelled a number of his European tour dates, and cited the cause as a sinus infection. But now he has admitted to Oprah Winfrey on her show ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter‘ behind the scenes, he was suffering from a nervous breakdown.

“I never talked to anybody about my breakdown. I didn’t want them to say, ‘Wow, he’s unstable, he can’t cope with being an entertainer and a dad’. It was because I could not see my boys, and right as I’m getting ready to open up my Berlin show, I’m expecting them to arrive. They don’t come, and I’m gonna be gone on tour for 2 months. I think I made it through the 1st number and when I lifted my voice, I remember it just not being there. It was just gone and I felt like I would never perform again. Wow. I’d never been booed before. I felt like a failure to the fans, I felt like a failure to my sons. I just felt helpless, what can I do? I broke down and I didn’t get myself back together for a minute. I cancelled a lot of dates.”

Personally I think it’s a load of BS that’s been concocted by him just in time for his legal battle with his ex-wife, who are both seeking custody of their kids…it’s about to get very dirty for sure.

Usher Wins Custody Of Both Sons


A triumphant Usher was granted primary custody and parental control of both his children in court last week. He was competing with ex-wife Tameka Raymond in an extremely long and bitter custody battle, which ended with a positive result for the singer.

Tameka‘s legal team argued that he was unable to be a proper father due to his many work commitments, and even claimed that he had used drugs in front of the kids! However, his team argued that she was an inattentive and irresponsible mother, who could not fulfill the necessary duties that motherhood brings.

Tameka has tweeted several cryptic messages since then: “Money can buy many things… But in the end. Truth & goodness will prevail. I must continue to believe this. Stand firm. Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you… Fear the fake friend that hugs you. There’s not much worse. A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing… A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything!”

Usher’s Step Son Dies Aged 11


Usher‘s 11-year-old stepson Kile Glover died yesterday morning 2 weeks after a horrific jet ski accident. He died from the injuries that he obtained after being run over at the start of the month by a by a jet ski in Atlanta, Georgia. Kile was taken off life support by doctors, who determined that he would not recover from his injuries.

Kile was struck in the head during a jet ski collision while riding an inner tube on Lake Lanier. It was a family friend who was responsible for the collision, and the cause of the crash was that they lost control of the jet ski. He was found with a 15-year-old girl at the scene, and the pair were airlifted to hospital to receive medical treatment.

Usher’s Stalker In Psychiatric Ward


Usher‘s crazy stalker Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw was arrested last Sunday in front of his house, and has now been admitted to a psychiatric hospital for tests. She arrived at the singer’s house in Atlanta uninvited, and has forced him to take out a restraining order against her.

When the police arrived they found her sat on his front porch using her ‘iPad‘, after Usher spotted her via hidden surveillance cameras around his property. After being admitted to ‘Emory Johns Creek Hospital‘, she was released and is due to appear in court next month. She is clearly delusional, as she was telling doctors that she was Usher‘s wife, and had lost her door keys. She has since posted a ‘YouTube‘ video in which she defends her actions, and refutes his claims: “I’m not a stalker. He has officially slandered me and defamed my character.”