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Katy Perry Announces Details For Third Fragrance, ‘Killer Queen’


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Katy Perry already has 2 fragrances under her (waist) belt, and now a third is on its way…the flawless singer has often discussed her adoration for rock band ‘Queen‘ as a teenager, and Brian May even attended one of her London concerts back in 2009…this musical influence has led her to name the upcoming fragrance ‘Killer Queen‘. She adopted a more regal persona during her ‘Teenage Dreams‘ album photoshoot several years ago, and this will no doubt be reprised in the coming weeks, when she shoots a new ad campaign for it.

The plans were unveiled, as any 21st century celebrity does- on Twitter: “I have something very exciting to reveal to you later today… Stay tuned! OK! I have been working on my third fragrance for over a year & want to unveil the look NOW! What do u think?! Just had an elegant unveiling of my new fragrance ‘KILLER QUEEN‘ at the ‘Duke‘! Can’t wait to share the royal juice! #sosophisticated.”