This website is run by 21 -year -old Cardiff University English Language graduate Alice Hart, an aspiring fashion journalist/ PR executive.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 14.10.16

Definitely an Alice in Wonderland. Gossip Girl, clothing and make up addict. Bridget Jones personified (v tragic). Flamingo and glitter enthusiast.

So, how did I get the name, “the girl with the lashes?” Whenever I tell anyone the name of my site, it’s the first question they ask. So I tell them that the person responsible, is my absolute favourite celebrity- Katy Perry– who when I met in 2009, when I was just 15, was impressed by my elaborate false eyelashes during our 10 minute chat. (The lady posed for several photos, signed loads of things for everyone, and was an angel in general…) The name stuck, and so did my admiration for her. What a lady!

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  1. This blog is the shit! So glad I can get my Justin Bieber, JLS, The Wanted and One Direction info all in one place 😀

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